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Web-Slide Exercise Rail


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The Web-Slide Exercise Rail is made of stainless steel or galvanized steel and is great for exercising with tubing and fitness bands.  It is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Each 28” section has 5 slots to accommodate anchor straps so that a variety of exercises can be performed.  Depending on which slot elevation you choose you can perform upper and/or lower band/tubing exercises. Web-Slide™ exercise rail is easy to install, use and maintain. Each rail has 5 anchor points for use with exercise band or tubing. Anchor points provide base for resistance band and tubing applications.


Individual Rail:  The Web-Slide comes as an individual rail either 28″ or an 84″ one that has 3 rails that are connected

OR as sets with the choice of the Basic Set or the Deluxe Set

Basic Set: 3 rails, 16 position storage rack and 12 web anchor straps. 

Deluxe Set: Basic set PLUS shoulder pulley, rope stretch, 5 bilateral and 5 unilateral  tubes, fitness bar, extremity straps, 4 wall posters and 6 prescription pads.

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28" 1 Galvanized Steel Rail, 28" 1 Stainless Steel Rail, 28" 1 Stainless Steel Basic Set, 28" 1 Stainless Steel 28" Deluxe Set, 84" 3 Rails


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