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TOGU Actiroll Spiked Massage Roller




TOGUĀ® Actiroll Spiked Massage Roller, improve balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. The structured surface enables a more effective deep massage. Use for fascia fitness, training and therapy. They provide self massage and myofascial release and relaxation. Actiroll Spiked Massage Roller is designed to roll optimally over the body for an invigorating massage effect. The structured surface enables a more effective deep massage.The amount of air adjusts firmness. Because it is inflatable, you can customize the firmness for your personal comfort and needs. While inflated, it also has an absorbency that helps prevent injury or pain when rolling over joints or vertebrae. Once it is at your desired firmness, use your body weight to apply pressure where you need it and get a nice massage. Another feature of this roll is that it is not made from weak material that will degrade over time and use.This inflatable roller has a 330lb/150kgs weight capacity.

Dimensions: 21″ x 10″ x 10″ for the long roller and 12″ x 5″ x 5″ for the short

Features of the TOGU Actiroll Spiked Massage Roller :
Inflatable Roll Allows for Custom Firmness
Can Use Body Weight to Give Yourself a Nice Self Massage
Strong Material Suffers No Material Fatigue
Hand Pump is Included
COLORS: Black only for the 21″ long roller | Black, Green or Red for the shorter 12″ rollers

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Weight N/A
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21" Black, 12" Black, 12" Green, 12" Red


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