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TheraBand Flex Bar Exercisers


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The TheraBand® Flex Bar exerciser is a lightweight, portable exerciser. It has been designed specifically to improve grip strength and upper extremity function. The Flex Bar exerciser’s design also allows for many other applications, including oscillation and mobilization. TheraBand® Flex Bars come in 3 strengths and colors. Exercise guide is included. The Thera-Band® FlexBar is made from natural rubber and is available in 3 levels of resistance. The Yellow flex bar is 2″ in diameter.. The Yellow, Red and Green Flex bars are 1 1/2 ” diameter and the blue flex bar is 2″ in diameter.The TheraBand FlexBar is portable and convenient exercise, rehab, and injury prevention equipment, packaging includes detailed exercise instructions
All bars are 12″ long, made from dry natural rubber.

Great for :
– Strengthening: improve grip strength and upper extremity strength
– Oscillation: allows oscillation movements for neuromuscular training and balance training
– Mobilization: provides soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization

Note: the pounds of force needed to bend the FlexBar into a U-Shape is 6 lbs. for yellow, 10 lbs. for red, 15 lbs. for green and 25 lbs. for blue.

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Yellow X Light, Red Light, Green Medium, Blue Heavy


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