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TheraBand Assist Attachment Devise


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The Thera-Band® Assist Attachment Devise is a flexible double loop for fastening and fixation of the Theraband for exercises. The TheraBand Assist allows band or tubing to be used with immovable objects like doors to assist in exercising or put your foot in the one part and the band in the other for resistance training. The Assist™ attachment device increases the range of exercises that can be performed with bands and tubing and helps patients with poor grip strength do their training or rehabilitation. The Assist Attachment Device allows members to use the flexible bands and tubing with increased range of motion to get the most benefits from their workout regime. Because the Assist helps improve grip strength, its an excellent tool for both fitness training and rehab programs. Clients can easily attach the Assist to stable objects or wrap it around their wrist or ankle for lower leg exercises. With the Assist Attachment Device, the possibilities are endless. The Theraband Assist has the Thera-Band® warranty which is at the manufacturer’s discretion.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 1 in


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