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TheraBand Ankle Extremity Straps


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Thera-Band Extremity Straps with D Rings Connectors are one of the Training Station Accessories are compatible with the Rehab & Wellness Station, Exercise Station and Wall Station. These Extremity Straps come with attached D-ring connectors in a set of 2 per package. The cuff of the Extremity Strap wraps around an extremity to serve as an attachment point, while the D-ring connects to the Station tubing. Increases the range of exercises that can be performed with bands and tubing. The extremity strap cuff is designed to hold bands and tubes firmly in place so they won’t slip, as well as prevent painful snap-backs if an accident occurs. Because the strap acts as an attachment point around extremities, it is especially useful to help maintain proper grip so you can extend your training durations. Ideal for resistance band exercise and rehabilitation, the TheraBand® Extremity Strap is adjustable and easy to transport from home to gym and back again.

Features of the TheraBand Extremity Strap with D Ring Connectors:

Thera-Band clip-connect Resistance Tubing
Attachment point with cinching mechanism to hold bands and tubes in place.
Designed for strength resistance training and rehab.
Adjustable and comfortable around arms and legs.
Strong nylon construction.
Sold in pairs.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in


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