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The Orbit Massager


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The Orbit Massager is a multi-rotational, omni-directional massager device which glides freely across the contours of the skin in the natural rotational patterns used in traditional massage techniques. The ball is designed to rotate in the specially designed housing that won’t irritate the skin. The “Orbit” is a natural, manual massager with an unlimited range of motion. The “Orbit” begins where other products, too restrictive to be practical, left off.

The Orbit Massager is manual and has an unlimited range of motion. The hand strap on the Orbit Massager makes it easy to give yourself or someone else a massage. Easily move the Orbit across sore muscles without any trouble. Fantastic for users with arthritic hands because the ergonomically-designed unit straps to the hand and facilitates massage without the use of fingers–great for acupressure treatment. The orbit massager is comfortable and easy to use, and the custom made balls are skin sensitive making it a fantastic acupressure product.

It was designed to comfortably conform to both left and right handed people and comes with a high-quality strap to ensure control and stability. May be used with or without oils, creams, or lotions directly on the skin. Also works well over clothes. No batteries – no vibration, only rotation! With it’s small size, the Orbit Massager is great for travel and never needs batteries. It is easily packed to use on vacations, traveling in the car, or anywhere you need a massage.
No Batteries
Unlimited range of motion
Made for both right or left handed people
Size: 3″W x 3″H x 4.4″D
Color varies

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in


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