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Power Web Flex Grip Hand Exercisers




Power Web® Flex Grip Hand Exercisers are great for strengthening hands and grip. It is a unique exerciser that fits in your palm and provides the ability to work dexterity, extension and strengthening in your hands, fingers, and thumbs! Strengthens hand, fingers & forearm using a soft non-allergenic latex-free polymer that is soft and comfortable to use whether you have small or large fingers and hands! Flex-grip exercisers combine the positive benefits of both web exercisers AND gel balls in a small, easily portable design. The polymer gel will not crack, leak, or melt and can be washed and disinfected making it ideal for use in busy clinics where hygiene is a major concern.

Comes in 3 color-coded resistance levels Light – Yellow, Medium – Red & Heavy Green resistance. Also sold in a set of all 3 with 1 of each strength level. Latex free and easy to use. Will not crack, leak, melt or tear. The Power-Web® Flex-Grip® is also washable and can be used with disinfectants. For rehab, sports training & stress relief!

The Flexi-Grip Hand, Finger, & Forearm Exerciser Features:
Good for strengthening hand, fingers and forearms
Comes in 3 color-coded strength levels
Latex Free

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Yellow Light, Red Medium, Green Heavy, Set of 3


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