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MicroRoll Foam Roller


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This small MicroRoll Foam Roller is a small, lightweight foam roller for self-massage. Unique from other foam rollers on the market, the MicroRoll measures just nine inches in length by two inches in diameter. Its portable size makes it easy to take to the gym or travel with in the car and on the plane. It’s even small enough to keep in a desk drawer at work for whenever tight muscles need tension relief. MicroRoll Foam Roller is a personal massage roller that is good for self massage and for providing extra pressure for a deeper massage in specific areas.

The MicroRoll also features circular ridges that provide extra pressure for deeper, more invigorating massage. The unique combination of ridges and small size make the roller ideal for precision targeting of sore muscles in the feet, legs, upper back, neck and arms. Made from soft EVA foam for comfortable massage. Built to withstand long-term, heavy use.

Features of the MicroRoll Foam Roller:
9” L x 2” diameter
Circular ridged design
Soft EVA foam material
Durable closed-cell construction
Lightweight and portable for travel
Easily cleaned with damp cloth and mild soap

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 2 in


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