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High Density Foam Rollers


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High-Density Foam Rollers are designed for moderate to heavy use. This durable foam roller maintains its shape while providing firm support. The high-density molded foam technology retains shape after heavy use. Ultra-rigid to help achieve optimal fitness results. High-density roller lasts longer than traditional foam rollers do; built to hold up to the most rigorous and demanding roller applications and rehab or training exercises.The smooth surface of these rollers allows for easy cleaning. High-density molded foam construction.


High Density Foam Rollers Features:
High density molded foam technology
Retains shape after heavy use
Lasts longer than traditional foam rollers
Firm surface is best for self myofascial release and alignment
Can be used for balance and stability exercises
Provides firm support for most body types
Comes in 2 shapes: ROUND or HALF
Comes in 2 sizes: 36″ x 6″ or 12″ x 6″
Color Black

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36 X 6 Round, 36 X 6 Half, 12 X 6 Round, 12 X 6 Half


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