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Gymnic Soft Gym Over Balls


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The Gymnic Soft Gym OverBall exercise ball is a very versatile 25 cm. ball which is soft on impact. It is made of soft PVC foam that is easy to grip and provides resistance for a variety of isometric exercises.These softgym balls can be thrown at full strength. Suitable for Pilates work, children and the elderly. If not fully inflated they can also be used as a lumbar support, dynamic seating or unstable platform. Soft, light and resistant ball, which allows to perform a wide range of exercises that vary from muscle strengthening to low-impact exercises. Ideal tool for several isometric exercises. Inflate according to the softness and resiliency which are required by the type of exercise. The straw which is included in the packaging makes the inflation easie

This Soft Gym rBall adds concentration and energy to your workouts. OverBalls are strong and easy to grasp. Inflates to 9″. Gymnic® OverBall exercise balls is terrific for Pilates and can also be used for rolling massage and as a soft prop underneath various parts of the body. These fine exercise balls are ideal for isometric exercises, leg work, a great aid for performing proper abdominals, and so much more.

Features of Gymnic Soft Gym Balls:
Soft and strong
Easy to grasp
Great for Pilates workouts
Colores: Blue, Red and Yellow
Inflates to 25cm 10″

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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