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FitTube Exercise Tubing


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FitTube Exercise Tubing Bands are especially good for adding resistance to your exercise routine making it more effective. FitTube Tubing are efficient fitness and rehab tools for toning and strengthening your body. Great for upper body workout and for working your leg muscles. They work the muscle groups unilaterally and bilaterally. Working out with them will give you stronger arms and shapelier legs! Made by TheraGear

Fit Tube Exercise Bands are ideal for use in group exercise classes, in rehab, in fitness and health clubs, at home or while traveling. These popular bands come assembled with two handles in a variety of colors and strengths. FitTube tubing is equipped with padded rotator handles for maximum training comfort. These exercise bands were specially designed to hold up under rigorous and repetitive use. Truly a quality product. Don’t forget to get a door attachment to increase the variety of uses for your exercise band.

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Yellow Light, Green Medium, Pink Strong, Purple XX Strong


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