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DynaBand Exercise Guide Booklet


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The Dyna-Band® Exercise Guide Booklet shows you how to use and care for your Dynaband exercise bands. The Dynaband Exercise Guide Booklet is a fully illustrated exercise chart which folds into a convenient and easy to use booklet. .

16 exercises plus general guidelines (see below) paper;
18″ X 24″- folds down to 4.5″ X 6″ booklet
Strength Training Guidelines
Care and Safety Guidelines

DynaBand Exercise Guide Booklet includes the following exercises:
Squat Lunges
Side Lunges
Seated Leg Press
Standing Leg Curls
Abdominal Curls
Reverse Abdominal Curls
Pelvic Lifts
Trunk Extension
Seated Rows
One Arm Pull Down
Chest Press
Side Lateral Raises
Bicep Curls
Tricep Press Down
Forearm Flexor
Forearm Extensor

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