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The Exercise Band by Dyna-Band® is one of the most durable resistance band you can get on the market. Dyna-Band Exercise Bands are extra wide and more comfortable to use than conventional exercise bands. All are individually bagged in ziplock bags.

Here are some of DynaBands Fine Qualities :
Unique – 6″ wide natural latex bands are available in two levels of resistance
These bands are pre-cut bands cut to the length you pick – 3′, 4′, 5′ of 6′
More Comfortable – because of their width, they are more comfortable to use than conventional rubber bands
More Durable – instructors tells us that the Dyna-Band® Exercise Band is more durable than traditional rubber bands
More Affordable – about 1/2 the cost of most tubing and much more economical than hand weights
More Versatile – can be used to tone and strengthen all the major muscle groups for upper body, abdominal and lower body conditioning
Easier to Use – educational material available to facilitate use
Safer to Use – because of their unique construction, the bands do not tend to snap with the force that many rubber bands tend to break with *Dyna-Band® Exercise Bands contain natural latex rubber.

*We now offer an alternative the the Silver DynaBands which have been discontinued by the manufacturer. The XX HEAVY Sliver Cando Exercise Bands – same strength level but are 5″ wide instead of 6″

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3' Pink Level 1, 4' Pink Level 1, 5' Pink Level 1, 6' Pink Level 1, 3' Green 6" Body Sport, 4' Green 6" Body Sport, 5' Green 6" Body Sport, 6' Green 6" Body Sport, 3' Purple Level 3, 4' Purple Level 3, 5' Purple Level 3, 6' Purple Level 3, 3' Silver Super HVY Cando, 4' Silver Super HVY Cando, 5' Silver Super HVY Cando, 6' Silver Super HVY Cando, Dynaband Exercise Booklet


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