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CanDo SoftGrip Hand Weights


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Use the comfortable CanDo® SoftGrip® hand weights instead of dumbbells. The product was developed by a patient during a physical therapy session. She was having difficulty grasping the 2 pound dumbbell prescribed to her as her hand was too big. She wanted something that would conform to her grasp, be comfortable, and unintimidating. SoftGrip® hand weights are also great for light.

The SoftGrip™ Hand Weights Features:
Easy to grasp and grip
Soft but not floppy
Come in 14 weights
Sold individually or in pairs (2)
Color-coded for easy weight identification
Stores on standard Cuff® weight rack
Made in USA by makers of the Cuff® weight
1 year manufacturers warranty

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1/2 lb Tan Single, 1 lb Yellow Single, 1 1/2 lb Red Single, 2 lb Green Single, 2 1/2 lb Blue Single, 3 lb Black Single, 4 lb Silver Single, 5 lb Gold Single, 6 lb Tan Single, 7 lb Yellow Single, 7 1/2 lb Red Single, 8 lb Green Single, 9 lb Blue Single, 10 lb Black Single, 1/2 lb Tan Pair, 1 lb Yellow Pair, 1 1/2 lb Red Pair, 2 lb Green Pair, 2 1/2 lb Blue Pair, 3 lb Black Pair, 4 lb Silver Pair, 5 lb Gold Pair, 6 lb Tan Pair, 7 lb Yellow Pair, 7 1/2 lb Red Pair, 8 lb Green Pair, 9 lb Blue Pair, 10 lb Black Pair


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