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Cando Soft Pliable Medicine Balls


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Cando® PT Soft Pliable Medicine Balls are soft medicine balls with a unique texture that is easy to grip, grasp and throw. They have a balanced, uniform weight. The softness of the Cando PT soft medicine ball enhances grasp. Use for upper body rehabilitation and fitness exercises. Designed to throw against plyometric rebounders  They anve an ergonomicwshape and are easy to hold and use.   Comes in 8 sizes or a set of 5. Available in 1 – 30 lb. weights.

The Cando® PT Soft Pliable Medicine Balls Features:
• Uni1que texture that is easy to grip, grasp and throw ergonomic shape
• Soft ball
• Balanced, uniform weight
• 8 Sizes from 1 lb. to 30 lbs.
• Color coded by weight
• Comes individual or as a set of 5 balls with the weights of 2,4,7,11, & 15 lb lbs.

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Yellow 2 lb 5", Red 4 lb 5", Green 7 lb 7", Blue 11 lb 7", Black 15 lb 9", Silver 20 lb 9", Gold 30 lb 9", Set of 5


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