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Cando Rubber Medicine Balls


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Cando® Rubber Medicine Balls are ideal for abdominal training, rotational movement and strength training.  Made of rubber so they will bounce. Perfect for core and torso exercises. Balls have easy-to-grip rubber surface. These plyometric balls can be used with trampoline rebounder and thrown back and forth with a partner.  Color-coded plyometric balls available from 1 to 30 pounds. Available in a set of 5 including 1 each of  2, 4, 7, 11,& 15 lb

The Cando® Rubber Medicine Ball Features:
Textured surface of ball for easy grip
Balanced, uniform weight.
Constructed with rubber to bounce
8 Sizes from 1 lb. to 30 lbs
Balls diameters from 20.8″ to 27.9″.
Color coded by weight

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Tan 1 lb 8" Diameter, Yellow 2 lb 8" Diameter, Red 4 lb 8" Diameter, Green 7 lb 9" Diameter, Blue 11 lb 8" Diameter, Black 15 lb 10" Diameter, Silver 20 lb 11" Diameter, Gold 30 lb 11" Diameter, Set of 5


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