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Cando EVA Foam Rollers


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The Cando EVA Foam Rollers are made from a dense closed-cell foam giving them an extra-firm feel and attractive finish. Strong enough to be used by large adults and active children. EVA foam rollers can be used with other exercisers as well such as bands, tubing , weights and exercise balls. available in half and full roller Use the half round roller for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation. Stand on the flat side of the half rollers. Available in 12″ and 36″ lengths
Foam Rollers are used during therapy, aquatics or physical fitness as a balance , flexibility and strength training mechanism. Foam Rollers are great for Progressive Exercise Sequences – users can move from smaller diameter rolls to large rolls, and also move from half rolls laid flat to half rolls with the flat edge positioned upward. Foam Rollers are versatile – commonly used as body cushions or supports as well as a balance product. Foam Rollers are lightweight and easy to carry. Begin with half round for balance &alignment training. When balance improve progress to full round.  We carry both FULL and HALF foam rollers.


6″ x 36″ FULL Foam Roller 6″ x 36″ HALF Foam Roller
6″ x 12″ FULL Foam Roller 6″ x 12″ HALF Foam Roller

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6" x 36" Round, 6" x 12" Round, 6" x 36" Half Round, 6" x 12" Half Round


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