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Cando Digi-Squeeze Finger & Hand Exercisers


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The Cando® Digi-Squeeze Finger and Hand Exerciser Ball helps develop isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination for rehabilitation of carpel tunnel, arthritis, stroke, fractures, tendon injuries, nerve lacerations, tennis elbow, and more. It’s economic shape positions fingers & hand for ideal pressure distribution. Comes with exercise pamphlet.Good for helping fine motor skills, strengthening and fidgets solution. Comes in 5 color-coded strengths and 3 sizes to fit different size hands. Sold separately or as a set of 5. Also can be purchased as a set of 5 with a stand.

Cando® Digi-Squeeze Finger & Hand Exercisers Features include:
Ergonomic Shaped to fit hands & fingers.
Increases versatility, helps strengthen grip and increase dexterity and mobility, improve fine & gross motor skills, strengthen hands and fingers & increase circulation Recommended for arthritis, repetitive stress injury, carpel tunnel, stroke, fractures, tendon injuries, nerve lacerations, tennis elbow, strengthening and more
Softer: fills the gap between putty and spring devices
Cleaner: not as messy as putty

Specifics  of the Cando Digi-Squeeze Finger and Hand Exercisers :

Progressive: different levels of compression in 5 color coded strengths X–Light Yellow, Light Red, Medium Green, Heavy Blue, X-Heavy Black
Comes in 3 sizes: Small 3″, Medium 3.2″, & Large 3.5″
Comes in a set of all 5 strengths or balls are sold individually
Also Comes in a set of all 5 strengths with storage rack
Stand can be purchased separately.

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X Light Yellow Small, Light Red Small, Medium Green Small, Heavy Blue Small, X Heavy Black Small, Set of 5 Small Balls, Set of 5 Small Balls with Rack, X Light Yellow Medium, Light Red Medium, Medium Green Medium, Heavy Blue Medium, X Heavy Black Medium, Set of 5 Medium Balls, Set of 5 Medium with Rack, X Light Yellow Large, Light Red Large, Medium Green Large, Heavy Blue Large, X Heavy Black Large, Set of 5 Large Balls, Set of 5 Large with Rack, Rack Only


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