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Cando AccuForce Fitness Band Bulk Rolls




Cando® AccuForce™ is a high quality latex band. Achieve specific repeatable and measurable levels of performance with each rep with the AccuForce fitness band. The patented indicators show exactly when four levels of elongation are reached. Each level of elongation corresponds to a specific amount of applied force. When a level of force is reached the indicator shape will have completely morphed from a rectangle to a square.

Features Cando® AccuForce™ Fitness Band Bulk Rolls:
Lightweight, portable, and measured repeatability!
5 progressive levels of resistance.
Each level has four indicators that show when 50%, 100%, 150% and 200% elongation have been reached.
Cando AccuForce™ bands allow for 20 measurable levels of progressive exercise therapy, instead of 5 levels. [4 levels for each of 5 resistances].
Cando® is licensed to use the Thera-Band® color sequence, so resistance level is easily identified.
Rolls come in 6-yard dispenser box and a 50-yard dispenser box
Sets of 5 include Yellow, Red, Green Blue & Black bands
All Cando® exercise bands are CE certified.

How to use the AccuForce™ Equation:
The force chart is pictured to the rights: A squared rectangle indicates the amount of force exerted to stretch the band. Exercising with Cando® AccuForce™ band is measurable…and repeatable. To square the first yellow rectangle takes 1 pound of force, and to square the last black rectangle takes 9.75 pounds of force.

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6 Yard Yellow X Light, 6 Yard Red Light, 6 Yard Green Medium, 6 Yard Blue Heavy, 6 Yard Black X Heavy, Set of 6 Yard Rolls, 50 Yard Yellow X Light, 50 Yard Red Light, 50 Yard Green Medium, 50 Yard Blue Heavy, 50 Yard Black X Heavy, Set of 50 Yard Rolls


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