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Bosu Pro Balance Trainer


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The Bosu® Pro Balance Trainer is a unique and multi dimensional training device. Great for working on balance & strength. The Bosu® Balance Trainer allows you to combine all elements of fitness in unique and highly effective combinations. The Bosu® balance trainer can be usee for lying, sitting, standing, stepping, and kneeling exercises. Adjust the amount of inflation to suit your workout goals.
A new improved commercial grade design and durability. The new improved design has a bladder weight of 8lbs (verses the 6.5 bladder currently). Dually over molded platform for extra strength (replaces a single mode process). The Bosu Pro Balance Trainer has a smooth, non skid, non marking base (replaces six rubberized “feet”)

New improved commercial grade design and durability.
Smooth, non skid, non marking base
You can purchase it by itself or as a Kit with an Instructional Manual which includes photographs and in-depth descriptions of a variety of different balance applications to help you better utilize this exercise tool.
The BOSU has a platform that is 26 inches in diameter and inflates to a hemisphere 12 inches high when fully inflated.
The BOSU Trainer Kit includes Integrated Balance Training Book and DVD
Weight Capasity: 350 pounds.
The Bosu® Balance Trainer has a 90 day limited warranty.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 6 × 26 in


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