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AnkleTough Stretching Straps


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The AnkleTough® stretching strap is ideal for performing eversion, dorsiflexion and other ankle exercises. AnkleTough offers a system of progressive resistive exercise that is used to strengthen and condition ankles or rehab ankle sprains. An easy-to-follow, effective ankle rehab, therapy and strengthening program. When utilized in an ankle rehab program, AnkleTough® strengthens ankles injured by sprains, fractures, tendon ruptures, and tendinitis. Additionally, using the AnkleTough system can help prevent the recurrence of ankle injuries by strengthening and conditioning the surrounding ankle muscles and tendons.
The AnkleTough resistive exercise system is comprised of color-coded resistive tension straps in four strengths (light, medium, strong, and tough).

4 Pack 1 of each Strength
8 Pack Extra Light White
8 Pack Light Yellow
8 Pack Heavy Blue

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4 Pack with 1 of each Strength, 8 Pack Extra Light White, 8 Pack Light Yellow, 8 Pack Heavy Blue


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