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Air Daddy Inflator Adapter



Are you tired of fooling around trying to fill your exercise ball using second rate pumps and adaptors?
Now you can use high compression to fill your exercise ball quickly without buying another compressor or ball pump. The Air Daddy Inflator Adapter adapt any athletic valve or compressor valve into a high-volume inflator ideal for inflating balls; fits just about any pump or compressor and works effortlessly; just screw it into the valve you have and you are ready to go. Both the needle valve and high pressure tip stow securely in the handle. AIR DADDY lets you get to the fun times more quickly! It allows you to inflate towables, swim toys, beach toys, inflatable boats, rafts, air beds andsport balls with an air compressor at home or at a gas station. Attach the time-saving Air Daddy Adapter to an air compressor, air hose at the gas station or bike pump and inflate your exercise ball in seconds!

AIR DADDY is a universal adapter tapered to fit all valves found on inflatables, including all sizes of stem valves and Boston valves, Halkey-Roberts and Leafield valves. The scew-on tip creates a high pressure stream of air, perfect for workshops and garages. Soccer ball or football low on air? Stop by a gas station and use AIR DADDY’s needle valve! Both the needle valve and high pressure tip stow securely in the handle.

Features of the Air Daddy Inflator Adapter :
Fits ALL Popular valves (Boston, Stem & Needle)
Works with Compressors, gas station air & bike pumps
Needle valve included for sports balls, balance discs, soft weight balls and any balls usinging needle pumps
Easy to use

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in


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