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The Aeromat® EVA Posture Exercise Ball is great for releasing muscle tension and maintaining body posture. Durable and lightweight, this posture ball is made of closed cell EVA foam material that retains its shape after exercising.   Made with recyclable EVA foam, free of latex, phthalates and BPA.  The Posture balls will not absorb moisture and are easy to clean. Closed cell foam retains shape after exercise The smaller 6 diameter ball helps apply more pressure to a smaller area while the larger 8 diameter ball will distribute more of the users weight over a larger area of the ball thus making the bigger ball a bit more user friendly for the beginner.

You”ll find that using this firm posture ball will release tension, help stretch you out and will get the blood flowing to that targeted area. Using a posture ball in your cool down routine can be equally as effective. A posture ball will help break down any knots or tension build up received during your workout. It will also aid in a quicker recovery time as well as helping cut down the soreness due to lactic acid build-up. A round closed cell foam posture ball can be preferred over a foam roller if the user wishes to pinpoint smaller areas of the body while applying more pressure so as to simulate deep tissue massage.

Available sizes:
6” diameter
8” diameter


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6", 8"


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