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The Cuff Deluxe Wrist and Ankle Weights




The Cuff® Deluxe weight has all the features of the Cuff®original weight PLUS an extra-long loop strap with extra hook tabs. The extra long loop strap allows for firm closure on the largest appendages and facilitates use on larger areas such as the thigh. This extra long strap assures a secure and comfortable fit even during the most strenuous exercise program. The Cuff® Deluxe weight  features heavy-duty materials and double-stitching throughout. The extra hook tabs add additional fastening points and prevent extra-long straps from dangling. The Cuff® Deluxe exercise weights are color-coded, marked with both pounds and kilograms and have grommets for hanging on any peg-board weight rack. Available from ¼ to 25 pounds. Sold individuall.

The Cuff® DELUXE Wrist and Ankle Weight Features:
Easy to grasp and grip
Snuggly fit to ankle, wrist or thigh
Extra Long loop velcro closure strap
Secure comfortable fit
Color-coded for easy weight identification
Marked in both pounds and kilograms
Grommeted for hanging
Made of heavy duty materials with double stitching throughout
Made in USA

Additional information

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0.25 lb White, 0.5 lb Walnut, 0.75 lb Orange, 1 lb Blue, 1.5 lb Olive, 2 lb White, 2.5 lb Red, 3 lb Gold, 4 lb Turquoise, 5 lb Black, 6 lb Beige, 7 lb Lemon, 7.5 lb Orange, 8 lb Red, 9 lb Parchment, 10 lb Brown, 12.5 lb Olive, 15 lb Tan, 20 lb Blue, 25 lb Green


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