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Abdominal Trainer Mat with Massaging Spikes



Relax your back in minutes with the Arched Back Stretcher and Ab Trainer is designed to alleviate back pain, improve posture, and increase flexibility. The arched design and flexible spikes helps stretch tight muscles and relieve tension from poor posture, working out, and daily stresses. Work, stress, exercise, and daily life cause back pain, pressure and spasms for millions of people. This Back Stretcher is an inexpensive yet effective solution that helps alleviate back pain, stretch aching muscles, and improve posture. This simple piece of therapy equipment can be used anywhere to relieve lower back pain in just a few minutes. The curved design fits comfortably under your back as you lie down, providing a gentle stretch to reverse the effects of bodily stress, and tendencies to lean forward during most daily activities. The firm but flexible spikes made of high density EVA foam provide the benefits of massage with light pressure to help alleviate knots and pain.

Good for use as an Abdominal Trainer Mat with Massaging Spikes is useful for a Full Range of Motion Ab Workouts & as a Back Stretcher! This spikey mat provides stability, constant tension, and a full range of motion which regular crunches do not provide ensuring that you are able to get a full extension when doing sit-ups or crunches, working out the full range of your abdominal while having constant back support without putting too much stress on your back; Great for crossfit core training. Works well as a back stretcher aiding in tension relief and comforting back pain as well.

The Mat’s curved shape mimics the curved shape of our spine giving an effective stretch. Used for chronic back pain, sciatic pain, stress, & restless nights. Just use 10 minutes daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. The Massaging Spikes are perfect for massaging tired feet, legs and other muscle groups Made by Therapist’s Choice®

Size: 12.5″x 11.5″x 4.3″

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 5 in


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