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Exercise Bands

Exercise Bands are GREAT for pilates, body sculpting, strength training & resistance training! Look through our large selection to choose the perfect exercise bands to meet ALL your body sculpting needs.

Resistance bands enable you to work on specific areas for toning and body sculpting.   They are the easiest and most effective fitness equipment to begin using.  Resistance bands can take you through a full body workout. They require minimal space and are cost effective. Exercise bands are easy to take wherever you go which makes them great for a trip whether business or vacations. Exercise Bands are not costly, which makes getting toned and fit easy on your purse.  We carry a variety of resistance band brands like Theraband ®,  Dyna-Band,  Body Sport, & others.  YOU CAN get the shape you want with our quality exercise bands! We also have CUSTOM PRINTED BANDS.

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