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Pregnancy Balls

Birthing Balls are terrific for pregnant women! Birthing balls are one of least expensive, easiest to use, and most beneficial aids to labor and delivery. Not to mention, one of the most enjoyable! Pregnant women can use an exercise ball as a birthing ball or use them to get and keep fit during and after their pregnancy. During pregnancy, labor and the post-natal period the pregnancy ball provides a wide variety of exercises proven to be very beneficial to mother and child. The birthing ball i.e pregnancy ball helps get the pregnant woman in shape and keep her in shape before and after the birth of her baby.

The birthing ball is becoming increasing popular these days. The burst resistant exercise ball adds comfort and support during birthing. For years, fitness balls have been used for therapy and conditioning. But now they are coming into their own in gyms, homes – and birthing centers and hospital obstetric departments throughout the country.

Birthing balls aid to your health and wellness during and after pregnancy. See our Swiss Ball Stabilizer to add more stablity to your exercise platform.

If you are pregnant the BIRTHING BALL is for YOU and your health and fitness!

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